About Perry
Perry Redd is a reknown social change activist with his roots of activism spawned in Knoxville, Tennessee; a talented and accomplished songwriter born and raised in Washington, DC, his passion for aiding, advocating and educating peoples of poor and oppressed communities thrust him into the public eye during the early 2000's.

Redd is a longtime songwriter with a catalogue well over 2,000 compositions. Writing over 30 albums and recording over 300 songs, he is also a member of the Association of Songwriters, Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). His proudest accomplishment is the full-length CD release of the first in his social change series, The Activist (2000), followed by five others and his most recent release, "Never Been Rich" (2014)

His History
Perry Redd has worked for Fortune 500 corporations, but only until leaving the corporate world for the social justice arena did his "life have meaning." An ordained minister, he pastored a small pentacostal church in Knoxville and subscribes to Liberation Theology. He was also host and producer of three cable-access television shows: Knoxville's Workplace Talk, Cop Watch and S7Live! He also worked as a local radio DJ in Knoxville.

His Activism
Redd serves as Executive Director of the non-profit worker's rights advocacy, Sincere Seven founded with Terry Taylor and the late Theresa Reed, from 1999-2004, and revived in 2006 in Washington, DC. He engineered organizing campaigns against several corporate entities that systemically discriminated against low-wage workers. He championed for worker justice in a unionizing campaign at the University of Tennessee, which resulted in winning a living wage for UT workers and subsequently birthing the United Campus Workers (UCW). He worked tirelessly on Knoxville's Living Wage Campaign, and served on several boards, including positions on the Knoxville Empowerment Zone, and currently with National Association of Concerned Veterans and DC's WPFW-89.3fm.

Part of Redd's history includes two stints in prison, including a five-year odyssey through the federal justice system, culminating in the soon-to-be-released book, Make Them Do It: A Journal From A Federal Prison, where he fought and won the overturning of alleged drug and gun trafficking convictions in 2007.

Redd is a consummate teacher/adult instructor in political science, and is author and publisher of a weekly social commentary "The Other Side of the Tracks" and the recently published book, As A Condition of Your Freedom: A Guide to Self-Redemption From Societal Oppression.

Redd is currently an internet talk radio host and is active in lobbying for changes in Washington, DC around the housing policies and criminal justice laws that adversely affect young, black males. He was also a candidate for an At-Large seat on the DC Council in the special election of 2013.