The new Beats Studio Buds are on sale for $20 off at Amazon and Walmart

The Beats name carries quite a bit of clout, which is perhaps the reason Apple is able to sell headphones and earbuds that fall under the Beats umbrella for a premium, regardless of their performance. The Beat Studio Buds are a great case in point. The fitness-focused earbuds lack wireless charging and suffer from lackluster noise cancellation, however, they typically command a higher price than some of the like-minded competition.

Thankfully, they’re currently on sale at Amazon and Walmart for $20 off, the first discount the colorful earbuds have received since making their debut in June. Noted flaws aside, the Beats Studio Buds still tout a comfortable, stem-less design and satisfying sound for the price, along with USB-C charging and support for a handful of Android-specific features — a hallmark we hope Apple brings to more devices in the future.

Beats Studio Buds
14% off

The Beats Studio Buds, Apple’s latest pair of noise-canceling earbuds, aren’t going to blow you away with noise cancellation or deep iOS integration. They do, however, offer solid sound, USB-C connectivity, and a compact build that will remain comfortable even during marathon listening sessions.

$130 at Amazon
$130 at Walmart