Couple hang washing line to block neighbours view after she ‘installs five cameras’

A couple on TikTok took drastic measures to stop their neighbour from snooping on their family after five cameras were allegedly set up to watch their front door and driveway

Many of us have stories about neighbours that we didn’t quite see eye to eye with, but one couple on TikTok are at war with one nosy neighbour who has been particularly difficult to deal with.

Megan Reid has posted a series of videos detailing her and her partner’s battle with their neighbour, who has allegedly installed a number of security cameras on her property which are angled toward Megan’s.

And in one clip, Megan and her partner decided to hang up a washing line full of bedsheets and towels to block the view of the cameras.

The video, which shows the process of the line being hung up as well as zoomed-in shots of the security cameras, was captioned: “When your crazy neighbour has five cameras pointed at your front door/driveway … you put up a clothesline.”

Megan later posted another clip of an alarm going off in her neighbour’s garden after she let her dogs out into her own fenced-off plot of land.

And the woman even claimed the alarm wasn’t a sensor, but was manually set off by her neighbour whenever Megan’s dogs were outside.

When one commenter suggested she have something activate the alarm in the early hours of the morning, Megan replied: “She was manually setting it off. It had a remote to it and she set it off as soon as she saw the dogs in the backyard.”

Megan posted another video which showed her zooming in on each of the cameras pointed at her house, and a fourth which displayed the finished product of her washing line trick.

And on the final video, she explained her neighbour had even phoned the police over the washing – but they had simply “laughed”.

She wrote: “The final product! She called the police and they laughed.

“She actually contacted the counter-terrorism line and said they were hanging from the power lines.”

Megan’s videos have already racked up millions of views in total, and the woman has promised to post more in the coming days – including letters written to her from her neighbour.

And commenters can’t believe the bizarre situation unfolding between the two households.

One wrote on one video: “She must be so miserable and unhappy in her own life that she wants to make everyone else miserable too.”

While another said: “I’ll never understand why people do this or how it’s legal.”

And a third commented: “I don’t even know what I would do in this situation. I feel so bad for people that have to go through this.”